Whitewater Asia why us

Why us ?

    White Water Asia is not a business for me, it is just a way to get out myself and have the best adventures I can, while introducing others to the great adventures that are on offer. I enjoy working along side local staff and guides in all countries and having a fantastic time interacting with the local peoples and their culture.

    These days it easy to put up a great web page and have everything looking impressive on the web but we pride ourselves in providing trips on a what you see is what you get basis!

    My goal is to bring you great white water at great value, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and safety on the water. I think trip participants should be capable of becoming a team member on all the trips feeling like they have really been part of the adventure instead of just being a passenger. It gives a great sense of achievement to work as a team with local crew and guides, and learning about their culture as well as taking on some of the best white water adventures there are!

    I have been on many great trips and still haven’t lost the desire to explore new areas and meet new people since it makes my life so rich and colourful.

    Running first descents in countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Bhutan and Tibet has felt like a great privilege. But going back to these rivers with clients that turn into friends and show them what only a few Westerners have seen is an even bigger thrill.

    At White Water Asia we work with a team of friends and guides. We have some of the highest standards of safety and over 70 years of combined experience. So if you are looking for an adventure on white water, we have hand-picked the best rivers in Asia to have them on!

    Patrick O’Keeffe

    White Water Asia is the front of Australian Patrick O’Keeffe. He has been living in Asia for over 25 years and has been running trips on rivers all over Asia with a few well documented first descents. Patrick currently lives in Japan with his family and runs Hokkaido Outdoor Adventures when he is not exploring and running rivers in other parts of Asia.