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Hokkaido rivers,
May 06, 2019
& June 10, 2019

Hokkaido Japan Kayaking

This tour is designed to be flexible to accommodate all levels of paddlers wanting to kayak in Hokkaido Japan!  Within the group we can make kayaking sessions based on what level of difficulty river or creek we want to paddle. We can do any kind of kayaking trip on Hokkadio Japan , from expedition kayaking to honing our skills with our talented crew or visiting featured paddler!

We cover some of the great creeks and rivers in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, including Mukawa, Chiriro creek, Nuno Beie and many more. You can also come a few days earlier to compete in the  HOA Extreme White water Challenge  which is on the 7th and 8th of June  Which features a great weekend of white water competition Party and special guest paddlers like Ben Brown and Rafa Ortiz.

Kayaking in Japan

Kayaking in Japan is an amazing cultural and ecological experience. There forest is very dense and very unique to the rest of Asia, Most of the rivers are pristine and almost no one kayaks them except our groups. There are very few residents in most places on Hokkadio Japan, but where there are you get to see more of a farming culture very friendly people everywhere you go that are mostly intrigued to see what those big yellow pieces of plastic are. Kayaking in Japan is quit an experience an we hope to see you out with us at some point.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1) Pick up from Chitose airport transfer to hoa base. Rest a relax get all things Kayaks etc. and then sit back enjoy the quietness of the area and anticipate the next day.

Day 2) after breakfast we get geared up and ready for our first blast on Hokkaido White water. We start on the lower Saru gawa great grdIII read and run with maybe one scout depending on water levels and a blast through a beautiful canyon. Head back to HOA base get a lunch on the way back. Pm  head down the upper Saru gawa lots of catch on the fly waves and holes gets a bit busy in a few sections but we can check them out before paddling through them GrdIII+. Back to Base dry off get ready for dinner!

Day3) Breakfast again! Then we step it up a notch with river running head out to Mukawa 。We take our time picking our way down this one have a look at a few rapids and decide whether we want to run our not depending on the flow  long morning out into the afternoon. Get back to the base if time a quick lap on upper Saru gawa. Dinner relax.

Day4) After breakfast we head up the back of the base to Punkenushi creek there are a load of different sections we can run here and keep ourselves amused for a whole day

We can also do laps on a water fall that is great for honing your skills for bigger and more complex drops. Back to base chill out dinner

Day 5) Breakfast again! then off to the Churoro creek GrdIII IV spend the day running different sections of this gem and with those wanting to a couple of big drops to run

If water levels are good! Back to base for dinner relaxes.

Day 6) After an Early Breakfast we hit the road and make our way out to Tomuraushi Dake and check a few of the creeks out there running different sections depending on water levels. Camp up there near a natural onsen take advantage of this and soak ourselves while enjoying a beer and just taking in the beauty of the place!

Day 7) Early Breakfast then hit the road and drive around to Soyunkyo ! Here there is

A great mini Grand Canyon to run super spectacular with 2 x 90mtr waterfalls coming in from river left!! . Once this section is completed we decide if we want to take on the really busy GrdIV section below those who do want it no problems those who don’t can just ride with the bus and Take pics ! Camp

Day 8) Breakfast then on the road round to Teninkyo  here we can scout some water falls there is a 300mtr stepped water fall here which is worth a pic or 2.  With this we can commit to a sometimes committing river depending out water levels. Run what we can and then find a nice place to camp.

Day 9) after packing up camp we drive to Bei and up the valley to scout a few rapids on the way up. This area is known for the unbelievably Aqua blue waters coming out of the side of the mountain we paddle what we can  while taking some photos enjoy an onsen on the way back to the base ! Its here that we dry off all our gear and have a celebratory dinner for a great trip party on.

Day 10) Head back to the airport for our journey home or to our next adventure!

Dates and Prices

The trip Dates for the first departure is May 25th the second departure date is after the HOA Extreme White water weekend on the 9th of June
Price: US$ 1,500

Costs include: airport transfers & accommodation  & camping equipment Breakfast and dinner All lodgistics and guiding

Cost excludes: meals  expenses of a personal nature like cigarettes, alcohol, insurance, etc, any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, road conditions or any other circumstances beyond our control.


What to bring?

  • A pair of river shorts or swimming costume.
  • A pair of Chacos or similar sandals. Trainers are also okay.
  • Long sleeved shirt to wear under your life jacket.
  • A baseball cap for under the helmet to keep sun off.
  • Wide brimmed sunhat.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Chums for fastening your sunglasses to your head.
  • Nalgene or similar water bottle.
  • Carabiner for fastening water bottle to your boat.
  • Thermal Top Medium weight – Heavyweight Capilene or polypropylene is the best.
  • Waterproof sunscreen and lip balm SPF15 minimum
  • Lightweight long trousers.
  • Lightweight long Sleeved shirt.
  • Fleece jacket.
  • Down jacket
  • Ladies should bring a long skirt or sarong to cover your legs whilst in the company of locals.
  • Underwear.
  • Glasses or Contact lenses. Disposable lenses are ideal.
  • Toiletries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap and shampoo.
  • Forget the cosmetics and hair dryer! But we do suggest moisturizer.
  • Hand wipes
  • A 3-season sleeping bag and thermarest sleeping mat
  • Travel Pillow.
  • Small pack towel.
  • Headlamp or head torch and spare batteries.
  • Shoes or boots for the trek.
  • Insect Repellent.
  • Any medication you may be taking.

Optional Items

  • Your favourite book or a journal for recording your river memories.
  • Sketchpad.
  • Photographic or video equipment. We recommend bringing your own waterproof casing and a cleaning kit as sand gets everywhere. Bring a spare memory card or plenty of film. Also bring spare batteries for your camera.
  • Waterproof disposable for the “action” on the raft shots.
  • Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman.
  • An iPod or other music preferences. We have speakers.

Personal Spending

  • The only money that you need to bring is for meals in town, souvenirs, DVD, personal items and the beer kitty for the raft trip if you drink. Please remember that many of the countries we visit do offer Credit Card and ATM facilities and for a small charge you can withdraw cash either from your account or Credit Card for convenience.
  • If you wish to pass on a gratuity to your guide we leave this entirely up to you.
  • Basically, we advise you to keep things as light as possible, without skimping on the essentials.

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