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    Jenesha Kunwar said:

    So I stumbled across this website today. To me he was David Uncle. He was my father's buddy here in Nepal when The Last Resort was in its starting phase. I was a kid when I first met him, a superbly awesome individual who always had the time to play with the tiny little kid who was awestruck by the adventure ground he had built. Unfortunately I don't have too many memories of him but I did grow up listening to stories of how he had worked to bring adventure to Nepal and how much he adored us all. Our families did drift apart later but the occasional hellos were still exchanged. Sadly by the time I grew up and decided to make a solo visit to The Last Resort once more to catch up after all these years, it was too late as the news of his demise reached us. Needless to say, we are all heartbroken to say goodbye to such a wonderful person. However it's truly amazing to see his legacy as more and more Nepalese follow his path of adventure and enjoy the world of rafting and bungy he had brought to Nepal. We miss you terribly David Uncle." Rafting the  in .

    Myles said:

    Having heard so many stories and recommendations about the Tamur trip we finally managed to join a group in November 2017. It was an amazing experience from the spectacular views of the Himalaya to the exciting whitewater of the river Tamur. There was just the right mix of trekking and whitewater to make it an unforgettable holiday. Pat and the Nepali team really made the trip and I will definitely be booking with them when I am next back in Nepal." Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Sabrina said:

    I went on Pat's Tamur trip for the 6th time this year! It's an amazing adventure, and you can't find a better outfitter than Pat. If you are considering it, you must go. You won't regret it!!!" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Pat O'Keeffe said:

    Hi Jalu $9000 is for one member" Rafting the Maykha in Burma.

    Jalu said:

    hello I'm jalu form indonesia $ 9000 is a price for one people or one team? and when i ask about the expeditions, who can i contact? thanks" Rafting the Maykha in Burma.

    David Hopkins said:

    Just back from the Tamur trip October 2016. Another great adventure with Pat and the whole crew. I guess it speaks for itself that I have been with Pat on rivers in Nepal and Tibet multiple times. Always a professionally run trip and a wonderful, fun time! I joined the Tamur trip in October 2015 and returned again this year with my son. As always, Pat has a wonderful, professional team and organizes a great trip. As often happens on adventures, we needed to make adjustments along the way, but Pat and his team we able to adapt and keep a smile on everyone’s faces (even his own!). I highly recommend Pat for organizing adventures in Asia. Even if he isn’t running a specific trip, he will put you in touch with one of his many friends and contacts in the region. I am sure to be back on a river sometime with Pat and a few beers!" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Pat O'Keeffe said:

    Just back from the Tamur trip October 2016. Another great adventure with Pat and the whole crew. I guess it speaks for itself that I have been with Pat on rivers in Nepal and Tibet multiple times. Always a professionally run trip and a wonderful, fun time! I joined the Tamur trip in October 2015 and returned again this year with my son. As always, Pat has a wonderful, professional team and organizes a great trip. As often happens on adventures, we needed to make adjustments along the way, but Pat and his team we able to adapt and keep a smile on everyone's faces (even his own!). I highly recommend Pat for organizing adventures in Asia. Even if he isn't running a specific trip, he will put you in touch with one of his many friends and contacts in the region. I am sure to be back on a river sometime with Pat and a few beers!" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Patrick OKeeffe said:

    Hay Emma thanks for coming on our annual Tamur for Kick and giggles and of course it was even better with your company !! Hope to see you on the river again soon !!" Rafting the  in .

    David D'Imperio said:

    Traveled overland from India into Nepal summer of 1988. Spent near three months there and met Dave while he was taking tours into Tibet out of the Katmandu Guest. Dave was a larger than life character. Because Dave was plugged into the tourist industry he heard that people who had a Chinese visa could get into Lhasa on a China Airlines flight out of Katmandu without going with an expensive tour. If you had a visa you could buy a airline ticket. There were recent troubles in Lhasa and the Chinese Embassy wasn't issuing visas to solo tourist and I didn't have the funds for the high priced group tours, Dave had the idea to go to the Chinese Embassy with the story that my traveling friend and I were teachers off for the summer and plan to go overland through Pakistan and the Khunjerab Pass to Kashgar with no time in Pakistan to get a visa. It worked, we got a visa after two weeks and went right to the China Airlines office and booked a flight. We got to hang out with Dave quite a bit between his work and our treks in Nepal. I remember the trip he returned from with his future wife. Dave was over the top about her and we departed not long after that on our travels. I'm sad to hear of Dave's departure, but happy to have met a person as "alive" as him. The time I spent with him was a blink of an eye yet my memory of him is quite strong. To his Wife and children my heart felt condolences." Rafting the  in .

    Whitewater Asia said:

    Hi James, Please send an email to info@whitewaterasia.com and we can work out the best trip for you. Cheers." Rafting the  in .

    James Otis said:

    interested in Rafting Nepal this coming spring or summer" Rafting the  in .

    Peh CHwee Hoe (Singapore) said:

    Just back from Pat's end Oct/early Nov 2013 Tamur River rafting run and what a ride it was ! Plenty of heart-in-mouth actions: Must admit many a time as we ventured downstream to scout the course, the question "are we going to raft over that ?" did come to my mind - but there was little time to think about this as Raji the Steady barked "Dig in harder...harder !!" as we battled the waves and drops. Thanks also to Pat's team of expert safety kayakers who were our "peace of mind" amid the mayhem. As Pat said "The river is among the best in the world; pretty extreme and the flow keeps changing, but we'll see how best to tackle together as we go along". It was not a ride-by-the-textbook but with the right spirit we all had a great time." Rafting the  in .

    Jennifer Thomas said:

    My sister and I rafted the Karnali with Pat O'Keefe and his crew. We had an incredible experience. Pat's guides were friendly and very professional. The food was excellent and varied. The river was wonderful providing both an enriching cultural experience and an exciting wilderness experience. I would highly recommend travelling with Pat and his guides." Rafting the Karnali in Nepal.

    Julie Stone (Aus) said:

    WOW!!! What an amazing adventure, starting with an unforgettable bus ride to the put-in, followed on by lots of fun and thrilling rapids, lazy driftwood beach fires, local rum punch, a great group of fellow rafters and kayakers, delicious freshly prepared meals and an awesome local support crew lead by Pat & Chris, it was an incredibly memorable experience for our family and friends, one we hope to repeat again soon! Thanks guys!" Rafting the Karnali in Nepal.

    Taya Berkhout said:

    Our recent adventure with whitewater in Nepal was outstanding. As captured wonderfully and acurately by the two previous testimonials, my trip was enhanced by the Nepali team and Pat and Chris' world crew. The team worked tirelessly for us. Coffee was always ready for early risers, the food was simple but outstanding with with great care taken in consideration to health and safety. The Nepali and world crew were a fun group of multi tasters with multiple experiences on the river. A trip is nothing without a good crew. One note of caution: if you are rafting, a dry top and pants are advisble as water temperatures are highly unpredictable. Two thumbs up, mine!" Rafting the Karnali in Nepal.

    Chuck Leighton said:

    Incredible trip! The logistics were flawless with a very entertaining and capable crew who managed a brilliant mix of excitement, adrenaline and safety. The team worked incredibly hard to make sure we had superior camp spots with lots of quality food and great attention to proper preparation. The river itself is pristine and clear and the trip from the canyon out to the flats was truly beautiful. A great mix of big water, natural beauty and exqusite camping. Thanks to Pat, Chris and the team. Chuck Leighton, Nov. 2012." Rafting the Karnali in Nepal.

    Chris Clark (NZ) said:

    If you only have time for one Nepal river trip, then viewers of this website will probably be asking which trip should I do: the Tamur or the Karnali? As a rafter with international experience across a number of continents I’d make the following comment – if you want a complete trip involving trekking and more consistent, prolonged white water, then go for the Tamur. Conversely, if you don’t want to walk, or are a first time paddler, and want an extremely professionally-organised rafting experience with fun white water for half the trip and a more mellow float out at the end, then you’ll vote for the Karnali. Mind you, the bus ride to the put-in will be one of the road experiences of a life-time, and is not for the faint-hearted! Pat O’Keefe offers a fantastic river experience with excellent food and local guides and staff. Sandy beach camping, drift wood fires at night, all equipment provided other than sunscreen, you’ll not be disappointed!" Rafting the Karnali in Nepal.

    James Marshall said:

    The Tamur trip is a truly excellent adventure. Pat and his team are really fun, hardworking, skilled, and delightful company, they make the whole thing a treat. The walk in is sublime, beautiful scenery and campsites with views of Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga and the river is totally thrilling each day rounded off by camping on a silvery sand beach in the middle of nowhere eating great food around a driftwood campfire. It's perfect. It feels like you're on an amazing expedition. I cant recommend it enough." Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Anthony Nagle said:

    I've traveled to Nepal several times before and paddled most of the more usual, famous named rivers but I have never got off a river feeling as exhilarated and exhausted as when we got off The Tamur. From start to finish this trip is an absolute joy. The trek with stunning views of The Himalaya. The walk down through sub tropical rain forest and lush terracing to The River and of course the river itself. Patrick O'Keefe did anb amazing job sorting out the logistics and putting together an incredibly hard working and professional team. I cannot recommend him enough and would not consider doing this trip with anyone else if I was to do it again in the future. Thankis Pat and all your team it was incredible. Ant." Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Bill Green said:

    I can't begin to explain how amazing the whole Tamur experience was. From the first meeting in Kathmandu I knew I was on the right trip. Pat brought a happy confident air from the outset so I knew I was in good hands. The trek was breathtaking, himalayan sunsets, friendly villages with their welcoming teahouses ( that also sell beer ), time to chat and get to know fellow travellers and also the luxury of being fed and watered by Pat's amazing Nepali crew. The river is in a league of it's own for me having never kayaked in such big water. The safety kayakers were brilliant; there was never any pressure to do anything and they were some of the best kayakers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you lads. The campsites with the driftwood fires and good company and good food made every day special - not that it wasn't special already. I could go on forever. If you want to go on a multi-day trek and paddle, give Pat a call, I wouldn't go to anyone else now - you won't regret it ! 10/10 Cheers Pat and all the Crew Bill Green Scotland" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Iain McKendry said:

    Fabulous trip, the best multi day kayak trip I've done over many years of kayaking over the world, and definitely the best in Nepal. The trek-in was blessed with fantastic views of the snow capped peaks of the Himalaya and wonderful people. Pat's team are extrenmely hard working, the food and camp setups were wonderful. On the river, the Tamur is a fantastic total blast of big water, wonderful scenery and beautiful beach campsites, aided by Pat's kayak team who looked after the large group of kayakers in a relaxed and professional manner. I can't rate the trip and Pat's team highly enough. Very many happy memories of a grgeat trip,and wonderful people in the group, Pat's team and local Nepalis. It's all good!Cheers, Iain" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Sabrina said:

    I will be going on the Tamur for my THIRD time this fall! I've kayaked around the world, and this is one of my all time favorite trips. I wouldn't consider going with any other person other than Patrick O'Keefe who is a good friend and does a phenomenal job at organizing this major expedition. : )" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Daisuke Kondo said:

    I had an amazing experience in this trip. It wasn't just a rafting trip, it was more like a life change experience. It was my first time to go to Nepal and I have to say it was the best way to explore Nepal. The trek was awesome and I think even that trek itself could have been a great tour. The view of Himalayas, amazing food at middle of nowhere supplied by great staff, meeting new people, learning new language, seeing the local people how they live, interacting with them, amazing show organized by the locals at the campsite and lots more. The rafting was amazing!!! It is totally different from the commercial rafting trips you can experience from lots of places/countries. I felt it was more an expedition/adventure than just a trip since the river was extreme and I was in such a remote area. However I felt so safe with all the skilled guides and the crew. Camping by the river was another amazing experience. The feeling I had after the trip was satisfaction. The bus ride, trekking, camping, rafting, people, new friends, food, Nepal. I strongly recommend this trip for people who are seeking something new and excitement and I give five star for this trip! Thanks for the great time!" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Ralf Buckley said:

    I was lucky enough to be on the first commercial descent of the Kameng with Pat and his crew some years ago. (It had been paddled earlier by two Indian kayakers, but apart from that we seem to have been the first). It was a truly awesome trip. How few people in India have seen WILD elephants? And for we foreigners to see them a couple of metres away .. unbelievable. Well the rest of the trip was memorable also, lots of rapids, beautiful pristine camps, yummy food, local forest tribesmen at the put-in wearing hornbill head-dresses.. OK that's enough spoilers! Arunachal Pradesh is still not open to general tourist access, and for most of its history, has been inaccessible. So if you get the chance to go, it's a trip of a lifetime. R." Rafting the Kameng in India.

    Holli said:

    I have been on a few river expeditions in recent years and I have to admit, the Tamur river with Pat and his crew rated as an absolute favourite! The trek to the river was just stunning, the mountains were a majestic partner to our trekking for the first few days and then the reward of hitting some fabulous white water to take us back to the noisy day to day Nepalese world, it was just superb. The guides had everything under control, the meals delicious, the laughter each day was good too! It's a must for your bucket list, the Nepalese scenery and then the people to go with it was just the icing on the cake to a great white water expedition. Thanks Pat and everyone involved, I'll be back!" Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Jon Doty said:

    One of the best and most exciting trips we have been on, from the treeking to the great white water rafting. Everything was first class, guides ,food and rafting some of the best rapids we have been on. A trip not to miss." Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.

    Greg Bell said:

    Best multi-day raft/kayak trip in Nepal !!! I have traveled to Nepal many times to raft/kayak the wild rivers that flow from the highest mountains in the world. For me the Tamur is the 'gem' amongst the many superb rivers of the Himalaya's. The trek to the river through the remote eastern village trails down to the headwaters of the Tamur is a great insight into the life of rural Nepalese Then you are on the river, superb whitewater, achallenge to all participants, with great camping on sandy beaches with great food & conversation. For me, this is the best multi-day whitewater trip in Nepal. See you on the water !!! Cheers, Greg Bell New Zealand." Rafting the Tamur in Nepal.